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Control Risks

Cottons Centre
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Contact Person: Mr Ching Liu
Phone: 0207 970 2100
Fax: 0207 970 2351

Control Risks is an independent, global risk consultancy providing forensics support to law enforcement, solicitors and corporate clients in a range of forensic disciplines.

Analysis of electronic evidence requires the best forensic technology and skilled investigators to interpret the mass of data produced. Whether for a business investigating an employee, a complex police investigation or a law firm preparing evidence, Control Risks has the systems and expertise required to get to the truth.

Areas of specialism include:

• Computer forensics – electronic evidence is easily tainted and computers (as well as networks) often hold far more information than is immediately obvious. However well the incriminating byte might be hidden, we will find it.

• E-discovery – we can uncover evidence in email, email attachments, documents, spreadsheets and any other data files from the huge amount that can be held on a network.

• Audio forensics – audio evidence may be unclear or recorded against high levels of background noise. We can dramatically enhance the quality of critical recordings, authenticate tapes and carry out speaker identification

• Transcription services - produce and verify transcripts for courts or tribunals.

• Video forensics – incidents captured on video and CCTV cameras can be extracted, enhanced, interpreted and presented as captured images. Where freeze-frame quality is insufficient for positive identification, moving image comparison, photogrammetric size assessments and facial mapping can be used.

• Court presentation – through the use of computer-generated 3D animation, images and diagrams can be used to clarify the course of events all the evidence assembled to support litigation can be compiled into an easy-to-follow evidential presentation, (electronic presentation of evidence) for use in both criminal and civil litigation.

• Document capture - almost all evidence can be captured electronically. Documents can be scanned either at the scene or at our laboratories for inclusion in the investigation and/or presentation of your case.

• Crime scene reconstruction - piecing together a crime scene can be a complex and sensitive undertaking. With crime scene photographs often being too graphic to show to a jury, there is a need for accurate visual representation. 3D photography can also be carried out.

• PDA analysis - using a variety of techniques and software we can forensically examine a wide range of devices and produce evidence to use in a court or tribunal.

• Mobile phone analysis – we can examine the SIM card and the phone itself for evidence of both currently viewable and deleted data.

• Cell site analysis – using cutting-edge equipment and analytical techniques, we can trace and identify the radio footprint left by mobile telephone users when making voice calls or sending messages.

• Audio/video playback facilities installed and operated in court.