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Fatal Accident Act 1976, A Petition to Change the Law

When a loved one is unlawfully killed in England and Wales due to an accident on the road or at work the law is unjust and outdated. One example is if a parent loses a child, the usual award will be a pitiful bereavement award and the return of ‘reasonable’ funeral expenses. The usual compensation award for a loss of a child is about £15,000. The old adage that ‘it is cheaper to kill’ is true here. The value of life, a child, is worthless. There are many other examples of the law getting in the way of justice. Motor vehicle insurance companies are happy for this unjust law to remain. We are not, the law needs to be modernised and updated as a matter of urgency. Scotland has a different laws that are much fairer to bereaved families. We need something similar to our barbaric laws.

The Law Commission – recommends Change

In the Law Commissions’ report, November 1999 made proposals to modernise the Fatal Accidents Act 1976 and to increase the bereavement award to bring the legislation into line with the values of modern society. Further proposals were put forward to render the law fairer and more certain than it is at present. Unfortunately the recommendations have not been implemented causing unnecessary hardship and distress to bereaved families who have lost a loved one to due to a fatal accident in England & Wales.

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What does the future hold for the Paralegal sector

Rapid change has hit the legal sector over recent years and traditional attitudes to the provision of legal services have been upended.

Although there are several reasons for the changes, the main one is the requirement to comply with the regulatory objectives of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Three of the eight LSA objectives are: Improving access to justice, promoting competition and increasing public understanding of their legal rights.

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CPR amendment: new requirements of what expert witnesses must include in reports

On the 2nd April 2018 an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Rules comes into force which changes the requirements of what expert witnesses must now include in their reports. This amendment is in relation to CrPR Part 19 (Expert evidence), in rule 19.4 (Content of expert’s report).

Pre 2nd April requirement:

(e)say who carried out any examination, measurement, test or experiment which the expert has used for the report and - 

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Commercial litigation funding solution launched

Thousands of commercial litigation cases are being brought every year in the less-than-£2m arena, with an equally large number never making it to court due to a lack of available finance. And many of these are genuine, potential lawsuits that deserve to be heard but unfortunately the clients involved simply do not have the capital or appetite for risk to see them through.

BMS Funding, established in 2015, to support firms in the personal injury and clinical negligence sectors, has today launched a brand new funding solution to add to its growing suite of products aimed at supporting law firms across England and Wales.

“Commercial litigation funding has been the bastion of large, complex cases requiring tens of £millions in funding, but the majority of cases have a sub-£2 million funding requirement where litigants are expected to take the risk, pay their money and hope for a good outcome,” explained Paul Havenhand, Commercial Director of BMS Funding. “At BMS we have reviewed this sector, worked with insurers and now can offer a fully risk-managed, cost-controlled solution for these types of cases.”

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Conference unites health and legal sectors to improve quality of life for the seriously injured

More than 200 health and legal professionals gathered in Nottingham to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of people who have overcome significant injury and to learn about cutting edge research and developments in the rehabilitation sector.

The ‘Back in the Game’ conference, hosted by the UK’s largest provider of expert witness, assessment and case management services Bush & Company, was held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel on 6 July, showcasing speakers from the world of sport, prosthetics and law.

Helen Jackson, Managing Director at Bush & Company, explained: “This was a unique opportunity to improve services through knowledge sharing and networking, with so many health and legal professionals all under one roof.

“Though each speaker considered a different element of rehabilitation, the day was built around a theme of understanding and empathy, reminding us that there is a person at the heart of the legal process during claims and settlements, whose relationships and self-esteem will be significantly impacted by a serious injury.


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