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Mr Anthony Dunne

96 Nicolas Road
M21 9LT

Contact Person: Mr Anthony Dunne
Qualifications: BSc Pharm (Hons) Dip Clin PharmMEd Cert Sup Presc MRPharmS
Phone: 0161 881 9506 / 07974 689 599
Occupation: Clinical Pharmacist, Medicines/Drugs and Therapeutics expert

Mr Anthony Dunne has 25 years’ experience of drugs and therapeutics with a similar length of time investigating medication errors. This includes the entire medication process from prescribing, dispensing and administration of medications, to the monitoring of their effects.

Mr Dunne provides expert advice to medical nursing and pharmacy staff on all aspects of drug therapy and provides education on a formal and informal basis to multidisciplinary teams, patients, relatives and carers. He is involved in all critical incident investigations involving drugs within his directorate, and assists colleagues throughout the trust in other investigations.

He has vast experience of the effects of drugs used to treat many conditions, having been involved at the bedside in the care of many thousands of patients taking many different medications. Mr Dunne has been involved in the production of dozens of guidelines and protocols involving the use of drugs throughout his career.

As a pharmacist, Mr Dunne started taking expert witness instructions in 2015, and provides reports both for defendants and claimants, with roughly a 50% split. He provides highly experienced and plain English reports with a keen eye for detail. His experience of medications is difficult to rival.

Mr Dunne's areas of expertise include:

  • • Medication
  • • Drug therapy
  • • Clinical pharmacy
  • • Dispensing and prescribing errors
  • • Medication errors
  • • Pharmacology (effects of drugs on the body)
  • • Pharmacokinetics (effects on the body of handling drugs)
  • • Drug administration errors
  • • Intravenous therapy
  • • Medication safety
  • • Contraindications
  • • Side-effects
  • • Drug interactions
  • • Monitoring of therapy
  • • Education on drug therapy
  • • Anything connected to medicinal drug therapy

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