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Your Expert Witness


Professor Gordana Prelevic

20 Crossfield Road

Contact Person: Professor G Prelevic
Qualifications: MD, MSc, DSc, FRCP, CUEW
Phone: 07814 171 754
Occupation: Consultant Endocrinologist

0n9191Professor Prelevic is Consultant Endocrinologist at the Wellington Hospital in London. Her main areas of expertise are reproductive endocrinology (polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause, HRT, menstrual cycle disorders) and osteoporosis. She also has a long standing experience in treating patients with thyroid disease and hyperparathyroidism.

Professor Prelevic is experienced in the preparation of high standard medico-legal reports. She has built up her medico-legal practice over the past 20 years and her current work load is approximately: claimant 87%, defence 10% and joint expert 3%. She is taking on average 20-25 new cases per year and is usually able to produce a draft report within four weeks after receiving clear instructions and complete documentation.

Professor Prelevic has obtained:

  • The Certificate of Expert Witness Accreditation (CUEW) from Cardiff University in March 2005
  • Membership of the Expert Witness Institute in January 2006
Located in: Endocrinologists