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Allen Morgan Associates

East Devon Business Centre
EX14 1SF

Contact Person: Mr Allen Morgan
Phone: 01404 44459
Fax: 01404 44465
Occupation: Drug Experts

Allen Morgan Associates specialise in the provision of expert evidence in Cannabis Cultivation and Drug Trafficking offences.

We are a leading team of acknowledged drug expert witnesses who provide independent and expert comment in criminal law cases.
We provide expert evidence on drug valuations, cannabis plant yields, drug trends, drug usage and behaviour associated with drug abuse.

We have extensive experience of cases involving the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). We also undertake the forensic analysis of controlled drugs, purities, adulterants and packaging.

Our unique and unrivalled blend of practical experience gained working directly with drug users and suppliers at all levels enables us to comment on the following areas:-

  • Valuations of the most commonly used illicit drugs from street-level to importation
  • Evidence of opinion on quantities of drugs commensurate with personal use
  • Assessment of cannabis cultivation cases regarding plant type, potential yields, cost and levels of sophistication
  • Interpretation of alleged dealing or ‘tick’ lists, text messages, drug slang and terminology
  • Examination of drugs packaging and paraphernalia
  • Interpretation of covert recordings
  • Proceeds of Crime Act: Challenges to drug valuations
  • Strength and effects of drugs

Our forensic toxicologists also have a wealth of experience in assessing cases where driving impairment is alleged through the use of alcohol or illicit drugs. They have significant expertise in so called ‘back calculations’ to assess alcohol levels at the time of driving.

Allen Morgan is considered a leading drug expert witness in drug trafficking and cannabis production cases. He holds a Masters Degree in Drug Use & Addictions and is a Member of the Expert Witness Institute.

His academic background is underpinned by 14 years practical experience as a serving Police Officer specialising in the drugs field and provides him with a unique profile.

His service in the police has involved him in the investigation of the full spectrum of drug related offences from simple possession through to enquiries involving the importation of illicit drugs into the UK and investigations involving the large scale production of cannabis.

His extensive experience has led him to work throughout England and Wales from some of the most deprived inner city areas to rural districts. This enables him to comment on drug network variations and valuations throughout the UK.

Allen has presented expert testimony in drug trafficking trials for over a decade. He has presented written and oral evidence on hundreds of occasions at lower and Crown Courts throughout the country and is a leading and authoritative expert on drug matters.