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Your Expert Witness


Dr Nigel Walton

The Garden Room
12 Dowry Square

Contact Person: Catherine Mair
Phone: 0117 373 0810
Occupation: Neuropsychologist

Consultations: Principally London. Limited availability in Bristol. Domiciliary visits by arrangement.

NPsych Consultants provide assessments and reports for all legal cases involving suspected brain injury or psychological dysfunction.

All NPsych Consultants undertake cases for personal injury arising out of:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Medical negligence
  • Alcohol related brain injury
  • Toxic brain injury (e.g. CO poisoning)
  • Cognitive effects of PTSD and psychiatric dysfunction

NPsych Consultants provide assessments and opinions for family law cases where brain damage is involved.

NPsych assessments incorporate rigorous scientific methods utilising cutting edge tests and procedures that bring objectivity and reliability to the medico-legal arena.

Reports are comprehensive, clear, properly presented and address all issues required by the legal profession including issues related to mental capacity.

Our fee structure for assessments and reports reflect a number of factors:

  • Our commitment to excellence.
  • Our overheads in providing quality assessment settings in Bristol and London.
  • Provision of high quality administration.
  • Our experience and standing within the profession.
  • The fees charged by our peers.
  • Our commitment to work with instructing parties to ensure that deadlines are always met regardless of any inconvenience to ourselves.

All NPsych Consultants are happy to provide analysis and advice on cases and other expert neuropsychological evidence, including provision of desk top reports. NPsych Consultants can provide opinion on:

  • The probability of there having been a brain injury
  • The likely severity of any brain injury
  • The need for any neuropsychological assessment and expert opinion
  • The need for any other expert opinion

Continued Professional Development

All Npsych Consultants are very happy to provide lectures on aspects of neuropsychology and reporting for the Courts. We are happy to 'spread the word' and do not charge for our services in this aspect of our practice.