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Medical Genomics

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Contact Person: Dr Andrei Semikhodskii
Phone: 0208 944 8429 / 07912 034 910
Fax: 0207 681 3784
Occupation: DNA Expert Witness Services

Your Expert Witness Medical Genomics
DNA Expert Witness Services

At Medical Genomics we will guide you through DNA evidence in your particular case, help you to understand how DNA evidence was obtained, whether it can be interpreted in a way different from that of the prosecution expert, explain what is the significance and the probative value of the evidence and how it can be successfully challenged in court in order to minimize its impact or even dismiss it completely. We will also provide expert witness testimony in court should this be required.

Medical Genomics has big experience in providing DNA expert witness services for the defence. Our expertise covers the whole range of DNA evidence including:

STR genotyping    • SGM   • SGM+   • Y-STR   • LCN DNA testing   • Analysis of mixed DNA profiles
mtDNA analysis
RFLP genotyping   • SLP   • MLP
DNA data interpretation

We have published extensively in legal press on the use of DNA in legal practice including the book “Dealing with DNA evidence: A Legal Guide” (ISBN: 1845680499) which is the first of its kind which treats DNA evidence within the framework of English Law.

Your Expert Witness Medical Genomics