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Sensory Disability

The Seeing Dogs Alliance

Charity Number 1156790

Seeing Dogs has made steady progress since it started operations in 2001. It was launched, and is supported, mainly by guide dog owners who want a competitor charity, as is available to blind and partially sighted people in most developed countries. Our successful rearing/training programme continually includes several dogs either being puppy reared or receiving their Seeing Dog (our term for guide dog) training. Except for the highly skilled final training, we depend on volunteers, so that, with careful monetary control, it costs us about £15,000 to train each dog and owner, about a third of what would otherwise be expected.

Our clients are currently usually trained in their home environment, although our target is to have a dedicated training centre. When residential training has been required, we have used hotels. Puppies remain with the puppy rearers till they are 12-14 months old, during which time they are familiarised with all the circumstances they are likely to encounter as Seeing Dogs - crowded streets, heavy traffic, buses, trains, cars, cafés, restaurants, stairs (although not escalators), lifts, swing doors, etc. An allowance is available to cover the expenses of this very important pre-training work. We like our puppy rearers to take their charges to puppy training classes, however, which help with obedience training and socialisation with other dogs. We provide them with a reference manual, and visit them from time to time to check on the puppies’ progress. We are also always at the other end of a phone to give advice or to obtain it for them.

Currently, waiting lists for trained dogs are such that some clients wait months or longer to be trained with a dog. This is particularly serious for elderly people waiting for replacements. If they are without a dog for a period, they can lose the mobility needed to complete training when a dog becomes available. We urgently need funds to change this situation. With twenty owner and dog partnerships qualified, we have proved we produce trained dogs to the very high standard required, at a price well below the norm. Please help us.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01483 765556, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website at www.seeingdogs.org.uk

National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom

National Federation of the Blind of the United Kingdom is a self-help organisation of blind and partially sighted people. Any financial assistance which we receive helps us point out to society how the lives of blind and partially sighted people can be happier and more satisfying – a task which the NFBUK, a non-political self-help group and registered charity, has been doing since 1947.

We want all blind and partially sighted people to be part of the community where they live. This includes the hundreds of people graduating from our universities each year who are regarded as visually impaired. Our charity trustees are blind, deaf-blind or partially sighted, unpaid volunteers.

We willingly join with any individuals or organisations sharing our concerns. We speak with government ministers about improving all aspects of life, benefits and services and with local councils about enabling their sight impaired residents to get out and about more safely in their local areas, town centres and shops.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01924 291 313 or visit their website at www.nfbuk.org

dDeaflinks Staffordshire

dDeaflinks is a non-statutory Registered Charity (charity number 1063573) offering services to dDeaf people throughout Staffordshire.

dDeaflinks offers a range of services, information and advice on a variety of issues. We also provide training courses including British Sign Language ranging from taster, Introduction, Level 1, Level 2 to Introduction to Level 3 (some are free), social groups including a church group.

The charity is committed to actively supporting the equal opportunities of all dDeaf people in health, employment, training, services, information and education.

We have been in existence as a charity since 1868 and at the centre in Wellesley Street, Shelton, ST1 4NF since 1937 when it was purpose-built. We work exclusively to support local hearing impaired people. It costs over £25,000 per year to keep the centre open and maintained.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01782 219161 or visit their website at www.deaflinksstaffordshire.com

Camphill Foundation UK

Camphill Foundation provides much-needed financial support to projects which greatly enhance the quality of life of adults, children and young people with learning disabilities. Camphill communities throughout the UK and Ireland offer safe and supportive environments in a variety of semi-rural and urban settings where individuals can feel at home and develop their personal abilities and interests. There is also a strong sense of belonging to a diverse but cohesive intentional community and supported living network. Work opportunities abound, giving a real sense of meaning, purpose and achievement, which is essential for a person’s well-being.

Camphill Foundation supports development projects such as the building of new accommodation, establishing new workshops and facilities, developing agricultural and horticultural activities, providing new equipment, and various educational, training, cultural and social initiatives. Support is often in the form of grants to help projects get started and loans at a low rate of interest, usually over several years.

Supporting Camphill Foundation means also fostering a new understanding and recognition of people with disabilities and enabling them to develop and make use of their astonishing talents and skills as fully engaged, talented and co-responsible members of the community carrying out important and meaningful work which is both fulfilling for them and of great value to others.


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For further information on donating to this charity tel 01454 601995 or visit their website at www.camphillfoundation.net

Deafblind UK

Deafblind UK is a national charity supporting people with sight and hearing loss, enabling them to live the lives they want. If you or someone you know is affected by reduced sight and hearing, we can help.

At Deafblind UK we dream of a world where people with combined sight and hearing loss can live the life they want. With your help we can make our dream a reality!

We rely on our generous supporters to help us make a difference to deafblind people. It is estimated there are nearly 400,000 people living with dual sensory loss in the UK, so we have our work cut out! But every pound we raise brings us a step closer to those who really need us.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 0800 132 320 or visit their website at www.deafblind.org.uk


Sense is a national disability charity that supports people with complex communication needs, including deafblindness, to be understood, connected and valued.

Our expertise in supporting individuals with communication needs benefits people of all ages, as well as their families and carers. We provide information and advice, offer a wide range of flexible services and campaign passionately for the rights of people we serve.

Founded in 1955 by a group of families affected by rubella, Sense developed specialist skills and knowledge in supporting people to communicate, express themselves and grow in independence. This experience now enables Sense to help people with a much wider range of disabilities.

Our specialist services are built around the wishes and needs of the individual, supporting people to be as independent as possible. Our services include a range of housing options, resource centres, educational support, short breaks and arts, sport and wellbeing programmes.

Gifts in Wills are vital to Sense. Currently they account for around a quarter of our fundraised income and help us to secure the future of our work.

However big or small, a gift in your Will can leave a lasting legacy of helping children and adults who are deafblind or who have complex communication needs to be all that they can be.

For further information about leaving a gift in your Will to Sense please call 0300 330 9257 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Deafness Resource Centre

The Deafness Resource Centre is a Registered Charity (charity number 1128148) offering specialist services to D/deaf people throughout St Helens, Halton and the wider region.

Our mission is to challenge inequalities, advocate best practise and enable greater participation, by creating an environment in which D/deaf people have access to services and opportunities that facilitate informed choices and decisions, increased independence, and respect.

We currently offer:

  • Advocacy Service
  • Equipment Service
  • Communications Service
  • Family Support
  • After-School and Youth Club
  • Befriending Scheme
  • Sign Language Training
  • Deaf Awareness Training
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Tinnitus Support Group
  • Hard of Hearing Club
  • Deaf Club
  • Social groups including a church group
  • Room Hire for community groups and meetings

We invest in our staff and volunteers and have been awarded Investor In People three consecutive times.

Our funding is from a number of different streams including service level agreements, grants, donations, legacies, sponsored events, gift aid, regular donors and supporters, rental from room hire, spare change boxes and chargeable services (such as Deaf Awareness Training). However, our constant battle is to raise enough money to cover our core costs such as cleaning, water rates, gas, electric, insurance etc. …without which, there would be no services to run.

We appreciate every penny which is donated to the charity and are registered to claim for Gift Aid for eligible money.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01744 238870 or visit their website at www.deafnessresourcecentre.org/fundraising/legacy-donations


FitzRoy is a national charity supporting over 560 people with learning and physical disabilities through registered care homes, supported living services, support at home as well as day and community centres.

Our aim is to help each individual lead an independent life by listening to them, and giving them real choice and opportunities.

Our vision is a society where people are treated as equals, regardless of their disability and we follow our values today in the same way as when the charity was established over 50 years ago.

Every legacy or donation that FitzRoy receives helps us to transform the lives of the people we support. Gifts have helped us to build new care homes, refurbish current accommodation and day centres, and also supported individuals to have a voice through service user forums.

If you would like further information on FitzRoy, or if you are considering supporting us with a donation or legacy, please telephone Jan Deane on 01730 711107 or visit our website at www.fitzroy.org