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Kidney Kids Scotland

You can help us to support Scottish children with renal illness and their families.


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Tel: 01324 555843

Supporting families and hospitals all over Scotland supplying them with much needed equipment and funding for posts recognised as being essential.


Mustard Seed Project

MSP is a small charity working in deprived urban Mombasa. It was set up in 2009 following a holiday visit to the area by a retired teacher and a Civil Engineer who now spend two months of each year working in the community. We support the community through training and education for women and youths and giving financial support to a football club and two boxing clubs. The main, and most successful project is the school.

We set up the school with just 17 children in September 2009. The school grew by one class a year and now we have 300 children aged 3 – 14 years, with a feeding programme and a clinic, in classes of around 25. Initially the children were in a rented building but by the end of 2020 our own school building will be completed and will house all the children in the same place.

But this is just the building. What goes on inside is what makes the difference. The aim is to provide quality education and varied experiences so that all children reach their full potential regardless of ability. All but our special needs children are meeting or exceeding government expectations. This is partly due to our feeding programme and clinic which keep our children healthy and happy and able to take advantage of the excellent teaching they receive. Education does not of course just exist in the classroom. In 2017, a group of our children came second in a large national music competition having come first in all the regional heats for their choral speaking. A wonderful achievement and experience for children living in such poverty.

In 2018 our first group of 14-year olds took their Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education. The government considers a ‘C’ grade to be good but the mean score for our children in both 2018 and 2019 was ‘B- ‘. In 2019 one of our children achieved an ‘A- ‘, putting him in the top 1% in the country, earning him a place in a prestigious National school. We were equally proud of a student who had been receiving extra help because we considered she had special needs. She achieved a ‘C’. The children did brilliantly of course, but we must not forget the committed, hard-working staff who helped the children to achieve this.

Our big aim now is to be able to continue supporting our children and to enable them to complete secondary school. Unfortunately, although this is now ‘free’ the children still must pay for books and the feeding programme which sadly makes it difficult for many to access even this. And of course, when they complete their 4 years of Secondary Education it would be wonderful to be able to support some of them at University or other higher education.

A gift in your will would help ensure future sustainability of the project, including the feeding programme and would contribute towards secondary education and hopefully higher education for those who are successful in their Kenyan school exams.

For further information about this charity including how to donate tel 01778 341855 or visit our website at www.mustardseedproject.co.uk

Siloam Christian Ministries

Through Siloam you could sponsor a child’s education in Kenya or Vietnam. Or, you could help rescue an abandoned baby at the Rehoboth Children’s Centre in the Philippines until they are able to join a ‘forever family.’

In Kenya, Siloam provides financial assistance to the Lambwe Christian School for the Deaf as well as two children’s homes and a residential high school run by Blessed Generation who care for children in need of a home following a family breakdown or abandonment.

In Pakistan, Siloam supports co-workers working in the brick kilns where many Christians are bonded labourers. They can help a Pakistani young lady become financially self-sufficient by providing a sewing machine and training.

Siloam empowers indigenous churches to arrange children’s Bible camps in Eastern Europe, Portugal and Peru for disadvantaged children.

At Christmas time, Siloam dispenses food parcels for desperately poor pensioners and impoverished families in Bulgaria, the Ukraine and Portugal through local churches.

Siloam helps overseas projects that don’t necessarily attract the attention of the larger Charities. The Trustees are satisfied in knowing that the projects Siloam partners with overseas comply with all the accounting criteria demanded by the UK Charity Commissioners. Child protection policies and practices are also regularly reviewed and inspections are carried out on a regular basis to overseas projects to gain material to be shared with supporters in the UK.

Presently, Siloam is sponsoring more than 30 projects overseas for which your financial help and prayer support are equally sought to help them do much, much more!

For further information on donating to this Charity, please telephone 08000-27-79-17 or visit their website www.siloam.org.uk


CLEFT is a national charity raising money for children with cleft lip and palate. CLEFT’s mission is to bridge the gap in cleft care and knowledge in both the UK and overseas.

CLEFT’s aims are:

  1. To fund research into the causes and treatment of cleft lip and palate and related conditions
  2. To support cleft teams in several less developed countries

The strap line is “Bridging the Gap”. We aim to help bridge:

  1. The physical gap in the lip and palate – by supporting surgery
  2. The gaps in knowledge – by helping to enable research
  3. The gaps between the care available in the UK and low income countries – by supporting teams in several poorer countries with equipment and training

For further information on donating to this charity visit www.cleft.org.uk. Registered charity number 1194581.

Hypo Hounds

Hypo Hounds trains dogs to save the lives of children with Type 1 Diabetes. Through scent detection, the dogs are trained to alert the parents/carers of the child when there are changes to the child’s blood glucose levels – preventing collapse, coma and potentially fatal consequences.

As well as early intervention this also then improves the long term health of the child putting them at low risk of long term complications later on in life. There is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes but we can help to improve the lives of these children one sniff at a time.

We receive no government funding or NHS funding.  We rely solely on donations and fundraising efforts from the public and legacies.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01233 756 555 or visit www.hypohounds.co.uk.

The Brainwave Centre

Since 1982, Brainwave has worked with more than 3,200 families throughout the country to deliver individual home-based Therapy Programmes that help children with additional needs.

Brainwave supports children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities, whether caused by brain injury like cerebral palsy, a genetic condition like Down syndrome, autism, or general developmental delay.

Importantly and uniquely, the Brainwave Team empowers parents and carers to deliver therapy to their children at home as they believe the family home is where children respond best – with the people whose love and care is unparalleled.

This is a Charity that really does change children’s lives.

For more information on Brainwave’s work, call 01278 429089, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website at www.brainwave.org.uk



ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency

ZANE provides aid and comfort to destitute people in Zimbabwe.

ZANE provides aid to around 1,800 destitute elderly people, including over 600 war veterans and their widows. It assists with rent, medical bills and food. However, there is also a desperate need to support children and young people, particularly in helping them gain an education so one day when the situation in Zimbabwe improves, they will be able to work and help re-build the country.

ZANE funds a clubfoot correction programme and to-date has treated over 3,550 children – enabling them to walk and live a life free from disability. ZANE also runs creative therapy projects to help women and their families who have been victims of political violence, abuse, and extreme poverty. ZANE also funds education projects including pop-up classrooms in high density townships.

ZANE provides aid, comfort and support to the most destitute people in Zimbabwe. More information is available at www.zane.uk.com

Child Aid

Child Aid was formed in 2000, by a small group of people who accidentally became involved in the problems many rural villages experience in Southern India. It was a story of one person sponsoring a few children from a charity based outside of the UK, on the understanding that he visited those children. Which he did, following that visit, it almost became mandatory to start a similar charity to help, based in the UK. Now Child Aid is a very active charity involved in a wide range of activities in Southern India.

It has funded the education of children in six villages in rural Tamil Nadu, it has built a five classroom primary school. It has changed the lives of three other villages providing toilets in those villages - a luxury no rural village ever had. Then the Tsunami came and Child Aid was on the spot only a few weeks after – a story on it own. It has worked to supporting a children’s home for girls who had no parents and is shortly to build a childrens home of its own from land donated by a supportive Indian businessman.

It is easy to say, but it is true, every sponsorship `penny, ever cent` from individual sponsors goes to helping the child or children sponsored. None of the individual sponsor’s hard earned donation goes to administration. This to date has been down to the Trustees and a number of individual supporters and corporates who like the various projects being undertaken by Child Aid and have supported Child Aid itself.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01932 588860 or visit their website at 

Their Future Today

Their Future Today isn't just making a child's life better, it is giving a child a life.

We are proactively changing the lives of our worlds' most vulnerable children existing alone in desperate conditions in Institutions in Sri Lanka. Whether it is providing another pair of hands to feed a hungry baby, a cleaner healthier environment, nutritious food, medical supplies or clothing, or reuniting an abandoned child whose family have had to take desperate measures to keep their child alive, or giving a child the key to education we are committed to giving these children a more positive future. 

Feel assured that our dedicated team both here and in Sri Lanka will be making your donations work hard, we can even give you receipts detailing how your money is spent. 

We believe in total transparancy and you can feel assured your contribution will directly make a significant impact on these childrens' lives.

For further information on donating to this charity tel 01932 770347 or visit their website at www.theirfuturetoday.com